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Cox Family Line
William Cox
John Cox
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William Cox IndividualAndParentsLinkBars.png Unknown
Jemima Turner (family)
Abt. 1762


Abt. 1740/1750
Pittsyvania, Henry Co., Virginia
7 Jan 1820
Lee Co., Virginia



David Chadwell

David Chadwell is married to Jemima Turner's sister, Elizabeth Turner.

The #Cox Family Grave links three Charles Coxes, one a Captain Charles Cox, to the Smith River in Henry County Virginia.

Evan Walden

A YDNA match indicates that there is a Walden line which has a common ancestor with this Cox line, probably at or shortly before William Cox.


Lee County, Virginia

Formed from Russell County in 1793.

Russell County

Formed from Washington County in 1786.

Washington County

Formed from Fincastle County in 1776.

Fincastle County

Formed from Botetourt County in 1772.

Botetourt County

Formed from Augusta County in 1770.

Augusta County

Formed from Orange County in 1738. (Before our interest begins.)

Henry County, Virginia

Formed from Pittsylvania County in 1777. (No city of Pittsylvania seems to exist, suggesting that the given city of Pittsylvania is really an expression of an ambiguity in place names.)

Records connect William and Jemimah Cox to the Smith River in this region. In 1779 they sold land along the Smith River to one Carr Bailey. A William Cox owning land along this river is also noted in 1784.

The #Cox Family Grave links four Coxes, one a Captain Charles Cox, to the Smith River in Henry County Virginia.

Pittsylvania County

Formed from Halifax County in 1767.

Halifax County

Formed from Lunenburg County in 1752.

Lunenburg County

Formed from Brunswick County in 1746.

Brunswick County

Formed from Prince George County in 1720. (Before our interest begins.)


Land Transactions

Abstract of Henry County, Virginia vol. 1

Found in the Family History Library in Salt Lake, City
US/Canada Books 975.5692 R28a
This transaction, along with a few others, connect William Cox with Smith River in Henry County, where another Cox family was located.
p. 51

Deed pgs 283, 284
28 October 1779
WILLIAM COX and JEMIMAH COX his wife of the county of Henry to CARR BAILEY of the same for the sum of fifty pounds sells land, etc as may more fully appear in the pattent granted DAVID HALEY in the year 1755 10th September. This land on the south side of Smith River and contains 40 acres.


Supplemental Information
On the 10th of September, 1755, David Haley patented 30 acres on the north side of Smith River. On the same date he patented 40 acres on the south side of Smith River. These two tracts, when patented to David Haley, lay within the County of Halifax, but as new counties were created they were of course within the County of Henry. At the October Term of Court in 1755 for Halifax County, a license was granted David Haley to keep an Ordinary at his dwelling. We do not know with certainty the location of this dwelling and Ordinary, but from subsequent events it would seem most likely that the dwelling and Ordinary were on the lands he had bought on Smith River. The home and Ordinary were most probably at a ford on Smith River. Much traffic was carried by a road in this area for many years, with people moving to the Western Country, and while Smith River was a small stream, yet one crossed only at certain fords. From actual experience, the writer can attest to this fact two hundred years later with some of the difficulties of crossing. During rainy periods when passage was impossible, a convenient Ordinary must have indeed seemed a haven of refuge to a weary traveller in a sparsely settled, rugged environment.

Abstracts of Deed Books III & IV of Henry Co., VA v.2

Found in the Family History Library in Salt Lake, City
US/Canada Books 975.5692 R28a
Land transactions along the Smith River which cite land of William Cox in the vicinity.
p. 11

Deed pgs 64, 65
12 Nov 1784
GEORGE SUMPTER of Henry County to BENJAMIN POSEY of the same for forty pounds sells land on both sides of Smith River beginning at WILLIAM COX'S on the south side of the River containing 106 acres.

p. 129

Pgs 247-8
12 Nov 1784
BENJAMIN POSEY of Henry County to STANWIX HORD and JOHN HORD of the same for the sum of Forty pounds sell 106 acres by survey dated 13 Dec 1773, 62 acres part thereof surveyed by CHRISTOPHER BOLLING (since sold to BENJAMIN POSEY) on both sides of Smith River, with lines of WILLIAM COX and ADAMS.

same as above SUSANAH POSEY

Miscellaneous personal genealogies


Claiborne County Pioneer Project

Lists a Jemimah Turner married to a William Cox. No other information is given, but the following was received in response to an email inquiry to the operators of the site:

We appreciate your inquiry! We have William Cox & Jemima Turner Cox as the parents of Barthena Cox who was married to Green Berry Cloud who is buried in the Cloud Cemetery in Tazewell, Claiborne Co., TN. We have further info for them upon request if you are interested but that's all that we have for William & Jemima Cox.

Deed Books, Claiborne County

Index to the First Deed Books of Claiborne County, Tennessee 1801-1865 v.1
Found in the Family History Library in Salt Lake, City
US/Canada Books 976.8944 R22f

pp. 34-35

Grantor Grantee Inst. Date Book Page Consid.
Cox, Aaron Austin, Benjamin d 1827 H 361 120.00
Cox, Aaron Bussel, Bird d 1845 T 66 50.00
Cox, Aaron Massengill, Bennet d 1846 S 459 100.00
Cox, Christian Higgins, James t.d. 1860 Z 374 75.00
Cox, Joseph/Josiah Renfro, William d 1810 C 201 500.00
Cox, Joshua Morgan, William d 1816 E 73 100.00
Cox, Joshua Fulps, John d 1826 H 217 30.00
Cox, Josiah/Joshua Hunter, Andrew d 1830 S 97 25.00
Cox, William Roark, William d 1840 Q 65 200.00
Cox, William Eastridge, Lawson d 1842 S 538 150.00

p. 156

Grantor Grantee Inst. Date Book Page Consid.
Hunter, Joseph Cox, Hickenson d 1828 M 243 50.00
Owen, William Cox, Josiah d 1805 A 23 270.00
Carrol, Benj. Cox, William d 1838 O 186 80.00
Cloud, B. F. Cox, William d 1838 R 282 50.00
Carrol, James Cox, William d 1842 S 517 100.00

Chadwell history

Describes a David Chadwell married to an Elizabeth Turner, who's sister, Jemima (presumably really a sister-in-law) married a William Cox in Lee Co. Virginia before 1785. This history describes David Chadwell as acquiring land in Lee County and "adjoining" Claiborn County, Tennessee. This would seem to make the inclusion of William Cox and his wife in the database of the Claiborn County Pioneers site listed above. Henry County also plays a prominent role in this history.

Potential Sources

These sources don't tell me anything directly, but may potentially be useful in the light of further information.

Cox Family Grave

Follow the Periwinkle Vol. 2
Found in the Family History Library in Salt Lake, City
US/Canada Books 975.5692 V3f
Gravestones were laid out in two columns and ordered left to right, then top to bottom under the theory that spouses were often set next to each other. This theory seems to hold true for this grave.
This source is interesting due to the the settling place of the family interred here. Our William Cox also lived along the Smith River.

Cox Family - (English Pioneers) - settled at Cox, VA., on Turkey Pea Branch and Smith River nearby in Henry Co., VA., year 1769, Grant 1781 by Thomas Jefferson to Capt. Charles Cox, the second.

Charles Cox - 1690-1790 Ida Bennett Cox - 1692-1786
Capt. Charles Cox - 1721-1816 Eleanor Watts Cox - 1722-1810
Charles Cox - 1755-1850 Frances Kelley Cox - 1758-1848
William Cox - 1798-1856 Nancy Gilley Cox - 1800-1879


Lee County Tax Record
http://ftp.rootsweb.ancestry.com/pub/usgenweb/va/lee/taxlists/1795land.txt (Land tax record.)
http://ftp.rootsweb.ancestry.com/pub/usgenweb/va/lee/taxlists/1802property.txt (Only one William Cox appears. The same for subsequent years.)
http://ftp.rootsweb.com/pub/usgenweb/va/lee/taxlists/1810tax.txt (Only John Cox appears here.)
http://ftp.rootsweb.ancestry.com/pub/usgenweb/va/lee/census/1830/1830.txt (Only John Cox appears here.)
http://ftp.rootsweb.ancestry.com/pub/usgenweb/va/lee/census/1850/1850indx.txt (1850 census index. Should check images to see who is listed.)