Source:A Small Note Made by Dorothy Langdon Ivey on an Index Card Regarding Her Parents

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Notes made by Dorothy Fogerlund (Ivey) on an index card.


(Provided by Susan Valetta Cox)

Front Side of Card

Mother was born Sept. 22 1876
In Forrest of Dean(?)
Cinderford Wales

Left Eng came to Amer on a Ship
that went on the Rocks
at Correna Spain.
Capt mistook lights
On shore for light house.
Boat was wrecked and
The people were put
Up in the hotel for 2 wks
Until boat was ready
Went to Cuba.
They went to Luline Tex.

Back Side of Card

Dad 21 yrs. 5 mos.
Mother 27 yers. 11 mos
When they were married
29 yrs. 2 mo. Old
When Pauline was
31 yrs 2 mos old
When I was born

80 yrs old in 1956
Died Dec 1961