Source:Dorothy Langdon Ivey's Historical Notes Circa 1980: Thomas John Edwards and Mary Ann Jones

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Notes made by Dorothy Fogerlund (Ivey) about her family line.


(Provided by Susan Valetta Cox)

Thomas John Edwards and Mary Ann Jones.

My grandfather and grandmother on my mother’s side and Mary Anne’s mother and Father. My Great grand father and GG mother.

Thos John Edwards (Richardson) name then when leaving Eng for America.
Born in 1840, April 17 or 19, in England. Out of wedlock. Died at age 62 in 1902 (?) of Thyphoid Pneumonia. His mother’s last name was Edwards.
Mary Ann Jones born in Caldicot, England, 1842 July 18, born in Eng. Died in 1933, April 25 LA, CA, age 90 (April 25)
Her mothers last name was Langdon. Father Jones.
Mary Ann probably married in (scratched out unreadable)

  • 1st child Ernest Herbert Edwards (Richardson) age 9 in 1879, born in 1870, (Mar) died at age 89 in 1959
  • Children 2 and 3 born in England, died in England during an epidemic some time before 1879.
  • Child 4 Mabel Elizabeth Edwards (Richardson) born Sept. 1876. Age 2 ½ in 1879 (Mar) where they came to America.
  • Child 5 Coraney 15 mos old in 1879 (1877)
  • Child 6 Rose 3 mos old in 1879 born in December or Jan. died on ship buried at sea.
    • Corennie died in Texas (don’t know where she is buried or when she died)
  • Child 7 Rose Estelle Richardson was born on Aug 30, 1884 in San Marcos, Tx. Died Mar 2, 1979 in Los Angeles, CA. at age 93

Ernest Richardson married Nella (Vogel), (this may not be her last name (Nella’s)) her mother was married several times.
They adpt 2 girls Jane Richardson and Nancy Richardson. Nancy died. Jame married Jack Tennesen and had 2 boys.
Mabel Elizabeth married Paul P. Ivey on Aug 24, 1904. Paul was born in San Marcos, Texas. Mary 28, 1883. This is where my grandparents were living.
Paul and Mabel had their first child Pauline Elizabeth on Nov. 15, 1905. I was born Nov. 16, 1907 and named Dorothy.

Mary Anne Jones father was born in Wales. I don’t know when. He married and had 2 boys. Maybe his wife died. He married Miss Langdon and had 2 girls Elizabeth (called Lizzy) and Mary Ann. The boys names were Merrick and Michael Jones. I don’t know the first name of her father and mother. I don’t know when they died or when they were born. Mary Ann had an uncle named Langdon, he had a boy and a girl. Their names were William and Dorothy who I was named after. My Great Great grandmother raised a boy that was her sister’s child named Matheon Cope. He became a member of Parliament in the House of Commons in England. His father’s name was William Cope. Michael and Merrick were boat builders in Wales, probably Cardiff.