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;Father:{{IndividualShort|[[Jacques Tetrault, II]]|Abt. 1798|}}
;Father:{{IndividualShort|[[Jacques Tetrault, II]]|Abt. 1798|}}
;Mother:{{IndividualShort|[[Marie Sophi Carrier]]|Abt. 1816|}}
;Mother:{{IndividualShort|[[Marie Sophi Carrier]]|2 Aug 1817|}}

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Jacques Tetrault, II - b. Abt. 1798
Marie Sophi Carrier - b. 2 Aug 1817


Name Birthdate
Agnes Tetrault Abt. 1838
Julie Tetrault Abt. 1839
Jacques Tetrault, III Oct/Nov 1841 Direct ancestor of Sean Marvin Cox
Francois Xavier Tetrault Abt. 1846
Jean Baptiste Tetrault dit Ducharme Abt. 1848
Marie Zephirine Tetrault Bef. 28 Jun 1852