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===Recent Changes===
===Recent Changes===
===Site Resources===
===Site Resources===

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thumb Welcome! This is a wiki for me, my family, and connected relatives to use in collaboratively working on our genealogy. This site does not seek to replace our individual records. This site seeks to provide a forum where me and my family can document our current research for each other's benefit. The site should not contain details on the living beyond names for some, with some connections to relatives. (Certainly, no young children should even be named or referred to.)

I have been working to add photos of ancestors and scanned images of source documents. If you have any source documents, your contribution is welcome.

Places of Interest

Root Person (A place to start exploring.)
Sean Marvin Cox

Connections to History

Loyalists of the American Revolution 
Many of the children of John and Catherine Cryderman received land in Canada from the British government as part of a program to help loyalists and their children after the American colonists won their independence. Cryderman, Eamer, Gallinger, and Hartle are ancestral surnames which come from the Loyalists of Cornwall, Ontario.
California Gold Rush 
Dr. Grandison Franklin German took part in the California gold rush. (See: Obituary)
Dust Bowl 
Daniel Franklin Cox lived in Oklahoma during the dust bowl and died there before the family of "Okies" left for California.
Joel Click Heck was a minister for a German Baptist church in Jasper County, Missouri. The Hecks, Shoups, Wamplers, and Clicks were followers of this tradition. George Shoup, Sr. was the first brother (Church of the Brethren) in Beavercreek, Ohio. His son, Moses W. Shoup was an Elder in the Church of the Brethren. William J. Shoup, Moses's grandson, wrote the book "Ammi-My People".


Recent Changes

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