George William Beinkamp

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George William Beinkamp and 1926 Ford Model T
George William Beinkamp IndividualAndParentsLinkBars.png William Beinkamp (family)
Josephine Ehlinger
Spouse 1
Bridgette Millet (family)
Before 1910
Divorced 1910
Spouse 2
Linda Ethel Lowe (family)
29 June 1920
Hamilton County, Ohio


10 Jan 1878
Cincinnati, Ohio
Death (Heart Attack)
1 Mar 1939
4 Mar 1939
Spring Grove Cemetery, Cincinnati, Ohio



From Tom O'Connor

I have discovered that my grandmother's relationship with George Beinkamp was rather non-traditional (non-traditional has become quite a tradition in the part of the Lowe family from which I hail). George Beinkamp was married in the early 1900s to a woman named Bridgette Millet. George and Bridgette had a son born on February 14, 1906. That child was named Valentine Beinkamp. Valentine Beinkamp died in 1912. George and Bridgette divorced sometime in the 1910's. George was a carpenter who travelled the Eastern Seaboard working for large hotel chains and performed finish carpentry for new hotels. My grandmother also travelled the East in her work with her tailoring union. I believe that she and George became "aqcuainted" in their travels resulting in the birth of my aunt in 1912 and the birth of Frank Beinkamp in 1918. I located a record of the marriage between Linda Lowe and George Beinkamp and they were not married until 1920. So the family scandal was that Linda and George already had two kids when they married in 1920. George never lived with my grandmother. Once my mother was born in 1923. George's alcoholism got the better of him and he kind of dissolved into obscurity living with his mother in Covington KY until his death in 1939.