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This connection is tentative, and only documented here for the sake of gathering information to confirm the link. Confirming that Xavier is the son of Louis and Amelia would provide the maiden name of Amelia.

Xavier Simpson IndividualAndParentsLinkBars.png Louis Simpson (family)
Amelia Lavaille
Philomene Surprenant
Abt. 1860


Mar 1837
26 Sep. 1909
Fiskdale, Massachusetts


The case for connecting Xavier to Louis and Amelia as a child is looking pretty good, but I'd like a little more data.

He was born at just the right time to be an early child of a typical young newly-wedded couple, Louis and Amelia. (We don't have a source for the marriage date, but judging by their ages, I would expect them to marry around 1835.)

He immigrated from Canada to Southbridge, Massachusetts, just like, although later than, Louis and Amelia. However, he probably would have been living on his own, or as a married person before his parents moved, so such a disconnect is expected.


United States Census, 1900 for Xavier Simpson

Name: 	Xavier Simpson
Residence: 	Southbridge town (south of river but north of South St. & Main St.), Worcester, Massachusetts
Birth Date: 	Mar 1837
Birthplace: 	Canada Fr
Relationship to Head-of-Household: 	Self
Spouse Name: 	Philomine Simpson
Spouse Titles: 	
Spouse Birth Place: 	Canada Fr
Father Name: 	
Father Titles: 	
Father Birthplace: 	Canada Eng
Mother Name: 	
Mother Titles: 	
Mother Birthplace: 	Canada Fr
Race or Color (expanded): 	White
Head-of-household Name: 	
Gender: 	Male
Marital Status: 	Married
Years Married: 	40
Estimated Marriage Year: 	1860
Mother How Many Children: 	
Number Living Children: 	
Immigration Year: 	1878
Enumeration District: 	1678
Sheet Number and Letter: 	9B
Household ID: 	149
Reference Number: 	66
GSU Film Number: 	1240694
Image Number: 	00254
 	Household	Gender	Age
  	Xavier Simpson 	M 	
Spouse 	Philomine Simpson 	F 	
Child 	Augustin Simpson 	M 	
Child 	Xavier Simpson 	M 	
	Julienne Surprenant 	F 	
	Rosalie Surprenant 	F

United States Census, 1880 for Xavier Simpson

Name: 	Xavier Simpson
Residence: 	Southbridge, Worcester, Massachusetts
Birthdate: 	1836
Birthplace: 	Canada
Relationship to Head: 	Self
Spouse's Name: 	Philemene Simpson
Spouse's Birthplace: 	Canada
Father's Name: 	
Father's Birthplace: 	Canada
Mother's Name: 	
Mother's Birthplace: 	Canada
Race or Color (Expanded): 	White
Ethnicity (Standardized): 	American
Gender: 	Male
Martial Status: 	Married
Age (Expanded): 	44 years
Occupation: 	Farm Laborer
NARA Film Number: 	T9-0566
Page: 	196
Page Character: 	B
Entry Number: 	307
Film number: 	1254566
 	Household	Gender	Age
  	Xavier Simpson 	M 	44
Spouse 	Philemene Simpson 	F 	40
Child 	Phillemon Simpson 	M 	17
Child 	Joseph Simpson 	M 	15
Child 	Adelos Simpson 	M 	14
Child 	Napoleon Simpson 	M 	12
Child 	Geoggianna Simpson 	F 	10
Child 	Angelea Simpson 	F 	8
Child 	Augustine Simpson 	M 	4
Child 	Francie Simpson 	M 	4M

Canada Census, 1871 for Xavier Simpson

Name: 	Xavier Simpson
Gender: 	Male
Age: 	33
Calculated Birth Year: 	1838
Country or Province of Birth: 	Québec
Marital Status: 	Married
Ethnic Origin: 	Anglaise
Religion: 	Catholique
Census Place: 	St-Hugues e, Bagot 122, Quebec
Page Number: 	116
Line Number: 	20
House Number: 	372
Family Number: 	417
Film Number: 	2229029
Library and Archives Canada Film Number: 	C-10067
Digital Folder Number: 	4395478
Image Number: 	46
 	Household	Gender	Age
  	Xavier Simpson 	M 	33
	Louis Simpson 	M 	9
	Philomene Simpson 	F 	7
	Adélard Simpson 	M 	4
	Paul Simpson 	M 	2

Canada Census, 1881 for Xavier Simpson

Name: 	Xavier Simpson
Gender: 	Male
Age: 	43y
Calculated Birth Year: 	1838
Birthplace: 	Quebec
Marital Status: 	Married
Occupation: 	Farmer
Ethnic Origin: 	French
Religion: 	Cath
Head of Household: 	Xavier Simpson
Born During Last Year: 	
Census Place: 	St-Hugues, Bagot, Quebec, Canada
District Number: 	58
Sub District: 	E
Page Number: 	80
House Number: 	1025874
Family Number: 	423
Digital Folder Number: 	4463575
Image Number: 	00528
Film Number: 	1375836
Library and Archives Canada Film Number: 	C-13200
 	Household	Gender	Age
  	Xavier Simpson 	M 	43y
	Philomene Simpson 	F 	39y
	Philomene Simpson 	F 	17y
	Joseph Simpson 	M 	15y
	Adelard Simpson 	M 	13y
	Napoleon Simpson 	M 	11y
	Marie Simpson 	F 	9y
	Arselie Simpson 	F 	7y
	Augustin Simpson 	M 	4y
	Xavier Simpson 	M 	1y