Blanca Mercedes Garcia Figuera

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  IndividualAndParentsLinkBars.png Manuel Garcia Bastardo (family)
Blanca Mercedes Garcia Figuera  
0 Maria Luisa Figuera
Jose Angel Castillo Castillo (family)
19 April 1948


4 Oct 1928
San Antonio, Monagas, Venezuela
10 Aug 1986
Caracas, Venezuela
13 Aug 1986
Caracas, Distrito Federal, Venezuela


Burial information comes from the memory of daughter, Nidia Painter, as submitted through the Pedigree Resource File.


Sean M. Cox's notes state: "From Blanca's diary we conclude that she took her name from her guardians, her aunt and uncle. Garcia Figuera. (This also ID's the mother's family name.)"

It is not known where this note originated, but it is believed that the note was made by a family member who had access to the diary. The note would likely have been imported from some submission to an old (read: legacy) FamilySearch database.