Family:Dr. Grandison Franklin and Miranda America German

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Dr. Grandison Franklin German - b. 20 Mar 1813 - d. 23 Jul 1902
Miranda America Davis - b. 13 Aug 1823 - d. 19 Apr 1907


Name Birthdate
Molly German
Nancy Hawkins German 20 Jul 1837
Mary Elizabeth German 13 Aug 1840
Hugh Crockett German 20 Jul 1842
Martha Anne German 28 Aug 1844 Direct ancestor of Sean Marvin Cox
Rachel Sparks German 9 Dec 1848
Fashion Francis German 10 Apr 1850
Johanna German 4 Mar 1853
Maranda America German 31 Jul 1857
Dr. Robert Davis German 19 Jan 1859
Melissa German 8 Jan 1862
John William German 26/27 Nov 1864


For Rachel, there is a possible match found through Family Search Record Search in "Washington Death Certificates, 1907-1960 for Rachael Brown". Birth year is off, and mother's maiden name is given as Moore. I should find some corroborating evidence. It seems the whole Brown connection comes from and the supporting evidence is not strong.

Sketchy/Possible Leads

These are promising to possible leads that need to be researched further.