Gabriel Frost

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Gabriel Frost  
0 Unknown
Spouse 1
Sarah (family)
Abt. 1811
Spouse 2
Levisa Tyler (family)
17 Dec. 1829
Lawrence Co., Missouri Territory
Spouse 3
Permilea (family)
Abt. 1834
Spouse 4
Mary A. Wilmuth (family)
24 Oct. 1852
Lawrence Co., Arkansas
Spouse 5
Agnes Henison (family)
29 May 1866
Lawrence Co., Arkansas


Abt. 1792
Army Enlistment
18 Aug 1814
Winchester, Kentucky
27 May 1875
Lawrence Co., Arkansas


On the subject of Gabriel's supposed wife Permilea Levisa Tyler, it is my expectation that we have the amalgamation of two individuals.

Levisa Tyler
b. before 1806 in Warren Co., Kentucky
d. before 26 Dec 1833 in Lawrence Co., Arkansas.
Based upon
Permilea who died some time after 1850 by census records.
b. Abt. 1812
d. Aft. 1850
Based upon the 1850 census.

Court records are highly suggestive of the death of Levisa Tyler and census records give us a picture of a Permilea married at 17, who if also assumed to be Levisa, was actually entering into a second marriage at 17. and had had two children previously. This is a point I will have to devote some research to.

The United States Registers of Enlistments tells that Gabriel Frost deserted once in October 1814 and was caught. He was sentenced to be shot for the desertion, but the sentence was rescinded. He deserted again in May 1816. Presumably he was not caught, but the timeline is a little fuzzy on this point. (There is an earlier note about a later date. Perhaps he returned on his own?)

One interesting source citation formerly provided as a transcription (formerly at is given as "Document, Custody suit from a copy of a copy of the suit, provided by the curator of the Powhatan Courthouse Museum in Lawrence Co., Arkansas." and contains information regarding a custody dispute between Gabriel and a brother of Levisa's over children from a previous marriage. Speculates based on this information that Levisa has died. My own reasoning strongly suggest this is correct as well. (See notes below.)
Gabriel appears as a witness to the divorce proceeding on behalf of the wife. Places Gabriel in Arkansas as early as 1827.
Arkansas land records place Gabriel Frost in the area as early as 1838. (Which Gabriels may be father or son is uncertain.)