Marvin Luther Cox/Letter to Mom, 10-May-1944

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Transcription of Letter from Marvin Luther Cox to his Mother Katherine Arnetta Harris

Transcribers notes styled like this.

May 10, 1944
USS Ramsey, % FPO – San Francisco, CA
(so he is writing from his ship at sea)

Dear Mother & All,

Here is a few lines again, to let you know I am doing alright. Other than that there isn’t Much to say.
I understand that Berneice, is going back east with you if Guinn, has been called by the time you get ready to go. It sure would be nice for her to go with you, But of course we all hope that Guinn, is not called at all.
Will you be glad when school is out Howard? I sure wish this school I am in was out. These Japs, seem to be pretty hard to teach anything. But they will learn. and I don’t mean maybe.
I guess you people are getting plenty meat these days, or do they have enough thub (?) to go around. - I’ll be seeing you

M.L.C MMsr

Transcribed July 12, 2012 by Susan Cox
Wife of Ronald J Cox – son of Marvin Luther Cox
Spelling, grammar and punctuation authentic
Only one word I could not read clearly marked with (?)