Oda Lena Skidmore

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Oda Lena Skidmore (far left) and Petry Family abt 1917
  IndividualAndParentsLinkBars.png Wesley Green Skidmore (family)
Oda Lena Skidmore  
0 Dorcus Ann Daugherty
Spouse 1 (Divorced)
William Rawdon Kendull Lowe (family)
26 Aug 1919
Spouse 2
Curtis Wainscott (family)
After married, lived together in Cincinnati.


6 May 1902
Stanford, Lincoln Co., Kentucky
14 Feb 1988
Los Angeles, Los Angeles Co., California


Oda's parents died when she was young. At one point she lived with a Petry family. The details of how this came to be and who else she may have stayed with are not known.