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Welcome Mazyd. I always appreciate contributions from relatives. I've taken the liberty of organizing some of the content you added. I hope that doesn't alarm you, but that's the way wiki's work. I'm really very grateful for the additions and your expertise on the Jones side of the family is invaluable. (My mother has occasionally mentioned your name as being a good potential source of information.) I moved your bio information to your personal page, and updated the Fred Wallace Jones page to match the general site organization. To that same end, I created a family page for Fred and his first wife.

I was noticing with respect to Emily that the way you had the spelling of her maiden name was different than the way I have it. Seeing as she's your mother, I presume your spelling is correct. (I probably got my spelling from Fred's second wife, and at that, it may have simply been my attempt to guess at the spelling.) Nevertheless, for the time being I have left the spelling as Toastee and eagerly anticipate a spelling correction. (If I don't hear from you, I will probably correct myself after some little time.)

One item of caution. I don't generally include details on the living beyond names and connections to relatives. To that end, I have left out birth dates for children on the family page for Fred and Emily. Small children should not even be listed. Also, to that end, if you have a death date on anyone who is listed, do include it so that we know that we can add more information.

Anyhow, thank you for your contributions and I hope to hear from you again.

--Seanmcox 23:32, 23 May 2010 (UTC)

P.S. I haven't been very active here lately due to an accident with some of my digitized source materials back in February. For archival purposes, I had sent copies of this material to family members, who had all misfiled the copies. I've been focusing on other things while I tried to sort out that mess. Anyhow, one of my family members recently found the CD that I had created for him, so I expect to get my materials restored soon and get back into posting the source materials here on the wiki. Nevertheless, despite the apparent inactivity, I do watch the wiki closely (I follow all changes using RSS) and am always ready to assist with any new content postings (as I have done today).

P.P.S. Do you know who has the Jones Family Bible?

Just a point of correction, so we have it in print. Della listed Mom's last name as Cox. She must have it confused with our last names. Mom's last name at the time she married Fred was Lowe. Her maiden name was Gallinger. This is fantastic to have Della on here to update the Jones information! She has an absolutely fascinating book that Fred filled out for her on his life - gives a real peek into another era and way of thinking. There maybe some genealogical clarification in there she can share.