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;Spouse 2
;Spouse 2
:[[E A Brown]] ''([[Family:Robert and Nancy Hawkins Ralls|family]])''
:[[E A Brown]] ''([[Family:E A and Rachel Sparks Brown|family]])''
:25 Nov. 1909
:25 Nov. 1909
:Spokane, Spokane, Washington
:Spokane, Spokane, Washington

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Rachel Sparks German IndividualAndParentsLinkBars.png Dr. Grandison Franklin German (family)
Miranda America Davis
Spouse 1
Spouse 2
E A Brown (family)
25 Nov. 1909
Spokane, Spokane, Washington


Abt. 1847
Aft. 1909



I don't have access to images of this census, but I have found the following records

Name Rachel L Germon
Residence , Barton, Missouri
Ward Nashville Township
Age 13 years
Estimated Birth Year 1847
Birthplace Missouri
Gender Female
Page 28
Family Number 206
Film Number 803607
DGS Number 4233391
Image Number 00032
NARA Number M653