Daniel Franklin Cox

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Daniel Franklin Cox  
0 Parthenia Elizabeth Janes
Katherine Arnetta Harris (family)
16 May 1909
Haskell Co., Oklahoma


30 Mar 1893
Poteau, Leflore Co., Oklahoma
20 Jul 1935
Kinta, Haskell Co., Oklahoma
San Bois Cemetery, Kinta, Haskell County, Oklahoma


Daniel Franklin Cox died during the Dust Bowl, just about 3 months after the largest blizzards of the era on Black Sunday (April 14, 1935). Speculation regarding his cause of death has run the gamut of drunken stupor, to suicide, to murder. What is generally agreed upon is that he was hit by a train, and that he was in debt, but how that came to be is not publicly known. Close family, that might have known something of the matter, has generally avoided discussing the subject. After his death, the family emigrated to California. There is reported to have been a problem with alcoholism among the Cox men generally, and this is no less true for Daniel Franklin Cox than it was for others. (Teetotalers among the Cox men have tended to long outlive their less sober relatives.)