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Cox Family Line
William Cox
John Cox
Daniel Root Cox
John Nelson Cox
Daniel Franklin Cox
Marvin Luther Cox
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Sean Marvin Cox
  IndividualAndParentsLinkBars.png William Cox (family)
John Cox  
0 Jemima Turner
Spouse 1
Abt 1800
Name Birthdate
Son Between 1804 and 1810
William Cox 1 Oct 1805
Josiah Cox Abt. 1808
Margaret Cox 1804/1809
Allen Cox 1810/1815
Stephen Cox Abt. 1815
Andrew Jackson Cox Abt. 1816
Benjamin F. Cox Abt. 1819
James G. Cox Abt. 1826
Barthena Cox Abt. 1828
Spouse 2
Sarah (family)
Bef. 1830


Abt. 1768
Henry Co., Virginia
Aft. 1850
Laurel Co., Kentucky


While Sarah is noted in the 1850 census as being from South Carolina, a search for John and Sarah Cox on revealed two possible candidate marriages in Bertie, North Carolina, the best candidate of which was the marriage of a John Cox to a Sarah Champion. The name Champion was evidently more common in North Carolina than in South Carolina. Sarah is frequently given as Sarah Parks, but I have never seen any justification for this identification. From the census records it seems likely that she was married to John by 1830 and was probably not the woman married to him in 1820. From the spacing out of known children, I would guess that John was most likely single in the early 1820's and that Sarah married him around 1825 when she would have been around 30.

The 1820 census shows that John Cox had 2 slave girls in 1820. This would match one interpretation of William Cox's Will, in which he gives 2 apparently female slaves to son, John. One interpretation would have this John as a John Callums, and this seems to match well what is known about Barthena, who is in this category, but Nancy has contradictory information regarding her assuring us that she is a Cox, contradicting the Callums interpretation.


Compilation - "The Family of Daniel Root Cox"
Page 31 (there are numerous numbering systems, so this is only a very little help)