Helen A. Cason

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  IndividualAndParentsLinkBars.png Dennis William Cason (family)
Helen A. Cason  
0 Mary F. Frost
Thomas Monroe Harris (family)
Abt. 1882 (As judged by the birth of their first child, Clinton, the 1900 census, and the 1880 census records.)


10 Jan 1858
Lawrence Co., Arkansas
28 Sep 1947
Kinta, Haskell Co., Oklahoma
San Bois Cemetery, Kinta, Haskell County, Oklahoma


Sans Bois Cemetery - There's a lot of family here.
Helen's line reads: Harris, Helen ; 10 Jan 1858 - 28 Sep 1947
The cemetery also has many of Helen's relatives and the headstone data fits the Helen that I have found in the 1910 census.
Haskell County Death Records
Death Records on the McCurtain, Haskell County, Oklahoma Genealogical Society's website.
They don't give many details on how or where they found the records, but they're supposed to be "local". The only name I could find that I recognized, was Helen's. Her line from the record read as follows: HARRIS, Helen , F , 28 Sept 1947 , Book 6 , 21
I presume this is the same Helen based on the matching death date. (For this reason I match it with the headstone source.) Helen is listed as Helen F. Harris. (I am therefore made a bit more curious where we get "Permelia Ann" from. It's not in any of my other sources.)

U.S. Census Records

Kinta, Haskell County, Oklahoma
Series: T624, Roll: 1254, Page: 3
House No.: 36
Family No.: 39
Appears as head of household with her children Bishop, Clinton, Cicero, Ellen, Edgar, and Talmage, but not William or Katherine. Bishop's age is given as either 14 or 17 (probably 14).
Reeds Creek, Lawrence, Arkansas
Family History Library Film: 1254049, NA Film Number: T9-0049, Page Number: 484B
A "Helen A. Cason" is listed here as a 22 year old niece in the LaBass family. (The indexers apparently read the name as "Helen A. Cuson".) Further research has shown that our Helen Cason's mother Mary F. (Frost) Cason was the sister of Volumnia Anne (Frost) LaBass. (Mary F. Cason was apparently also the half-sister of her mother-in-law.)
1870 U.S. Census - Scott Township, Sharp County, Arkansas, page 13 of 17
Family 87, Line 26
Listed in family of mother and step-father, Jonathan J. Wilson.

Helen's family can't seem to be found in 1860 based on various indexed searches of Arkansas and the entire U.S.A. as well a manual run through Reed's Creek and Scott townships in Lawrence County, Arkansas.

Auxiliary Information