Thomas Monroe Harris

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  IndividualAndParentsLinkBars.png William Clint Harris (family)
Thomas Monroe Harris  
0 Mary Sinierd
Helen A. Cason (family)
Abt. 1881 (Give or take a year as judged by the birth of their first child, Clinton and the 1880 census records.)


22 Oct 1860
Reeds Creek, Lawrence Co., Arkansas
13 Apr 1908
Kinta, Haskell Co., Oklahoma
San Bois Cemetery, Kinta, Haskell County, Oklahoma


Sans Bois Cemetery - There's a lot of family here.
Thomas's line reads: Harris, Tom ; 22 Oct 1860 - 13 Apr 1908
The cemetery also has many of Thomas's relatives.

U.S. Census Records

Reeds Creek, Lawrence, Arkansas
Page 11, Line 49, (Family 99)
Thomas is here single living as a boarder and doing farm work.
1870 U.S. Census, Harris Family.
"1870 Census: Lawrence Co., Ark.
Reed's Creek Township
Family 124
HARRIS William C., 42, b. N.C.
Mary, 40, b. Ga. (Mary = Polly)
Martha, 12, b. Ark.
Thomas, 9, b. Ark.
Amanda, 7, b. Ark.
LINIERD Jane, 56, b. Ga. (could have misread L for S)."
Actual Text taken from a communication from James Logan Morgan to Gwinn H Britton.
Having reviewed the census entry the L/S issue for Jane is quite unclear. Casual review suggests that the letter is an L, but the letter is not very distinct and review of the writer's handwriting show that the the writer's S has a form which can also match the questionable letter.

Auxiliary Information