Thomas John Edwards

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A self-portrait of Thomas John Edwards
Thomas's mother, Ms. Edwards
  IndividualAndParentsLinkBars.png Unknown
Thomas John Edwards  
0 Ms. Edwards
Mary Anne Jones (family)
Abt. 1868


19 Apr 1840
Ledbury, Herefordshire, England
Thyphoid Pneumonia
San Marcos Cemetery, San Marcos, Hays Co., Texas


A Painter. Owned an art studio on Piccadilly Square in London. Often sickly, died young (60+ does not seem particularly young, though not particularly old either) - likely from lead posioning from his paints.

Often spent time away from his shop "daydreaming". Not good about supporting the family.

Emigrated in 1879.

Surname inherited from mother. (Illegitimate child. Father unknown.)

Changed surname to Richardson when he came to America.

Search of county records in December 2016 failed to turn up a death record.


Thomas's mother was born in England and is reported to have been a maid in the house of a wealthy family, where she was likely to have encountered Thomas's father.


1880 U.S. Census
E.D. 28, Luling, Caldwell, Texas, Page 244C
Thomas Richardson, Self, Married, Male, White, age:40, born in England (parents also), occupation: Painter
Ernest H. Richardson, Son, Single, Male, White, age:10, born in England (parents also), occupation: At Home
M.A. Richardson, Self, Married, Female, White, age:38, born in England (parents also), occupation: Milennor
Mabel E. Richardson, Daughter, Single, Female, White, age:3, born in England (parents also), occupation:
All that was viewed was the index. Thomas is listed on the same page as his wife, but his wife is listed as head of a separate family, per the index. Thomas has son Ernest with him, while his wife has daughter, Mabel.