Ernest Herbert Richardson

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Ernest Herbert Richardson IndividualAndParentsLinkBars.png Thomas John Edwards (family)
Mary Anne Jones
Spouse 1
Nella M. Vogel (family)
Abt. 1909
Spouse 2
Freda Jestes (family)
Aft. 1930 - Bef. 1940


6 Feb 1870
Cinderford, Gloucestershire, England
22 Jun 1959
St. Louis, Missouri


Emigrated to Texas in 1879. Moved to St. Louis in 1891.

Wrote a poem called Insomnia at 89.

He was chairman of the board for the Boyd-Richardson Co. when he died. It is presumed that this company is no longer in operation, since it appears to have no online presence, but it can be found referenced in legal records as late as 1981.


1880 U.S. Census
E.D. 28, Luling, Caldwell, Texas, Page 244C
Thomas Richardson, Self, Married, Male, White, age:40, born in England (parents also), occupation: Painter
Ernest H. Richardson, Son, Single, Male, White, age:10, born in England (parents also), occupation: At Home
M.A. Richardson, Self, Married, Female, White, age:38, born in England (parents also), occupation: Milennor
Mabel E. Richardson, Daughter, Single, Female, White, age:3, born in England (parents also), occupation:
All that was viewed was the index. Thomas is listed on the same page as his wife, but his wife is listed as head of a separate family, per the index. Thomas has son Ernest with him, while his wife has daughter, Mabel.