Mabel Elizabeth Richardson

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  IndividualAndParentsLinkBars.png Thomas John Edwards (family)
Mabel Elizabeth Richardson  
0 Mary Anne Jones
The Austin Cumberland Presbyterian Church. This is the "old rock church", now destroyed, that existed at the time that Paul and Mabel were married
Paul Pressler Ivey (family)
24 August 1904
Cumberland Presbyterian Church, Texas


22 Sep 1876
Camberwell, England
19 Dec 1961
Los Angeles, Los Angeles County, California


Emigrated in 1879.

There is some mystery surrounding the change in surname between this generation and the one just prior. As has been related to me (Sean M. Cox) Thomas John Edwards, Mabel's father, is suspected to have run up debts back in England and to have fled to America and changed his name in order to escape his creditors. Some details of the source for this story and any updates will be necessary.

Perhaps it is a bit poetic that Thomas John Edwards, a man robbed of his paternity, and hence, his father's surname; that he would run off and off the surname he received, passing a different one on to his children than the one his mother gave him. Perhaps it is more significant than poetry. An interesting sequence of events, to be sure.


1880 U.S. Census
E.D. 28, Luling, Caldwell, Texas, Page 244C
Thomas Richardson, Self, Married, Male, White, age:40, born in England (parents also), occupation: Painter
Ernest H. Richardson, Son, Single, Male, White, age:10, born in England (parents also), occupation: At Home
M.A. Richardson, Self, Married, Female, White, age:38, born in England (parents also), occupation: Milennor
Mabel E. Richardson, Daughter, Single, Female, White, age:3, born in England (parents also), occupation:
All that was viewed was the index. Thomas is listed on the same page as his wife, but his wife is listed as head of a separate family, per the index. Thomas has son Ernest with him, while his wife has daughter, Mabel.